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SOS National office A Loving Home for Every Child
Hermann Gmeiner Avenue +232-78-355-258
Beach Road, Lumley
P.O Box: +322
SOS Children’s Villages Sierra Leone was established in 1974 (the village in Freetown being the
second oldest in Africa), we work with partners in communities to help families care for their
children or to provide an alternative, for instance an SOS family, in which the love of a Care Giver
is essential.
Located in Freetown, Bo and Makeni, SOS Children’s Villages Sierra Leone has a wide range of
programmes (Children’s villages, youth facilities, educational facilities, clinics) which supports
more than 4,199 children in accessing and exercising their rights.
In addition to quality care, we seek to provide quality education to all the children through our
Herman Gmeiner International Schools and Kindergartens through service providers.
SOS Children’s Villages Sierra Leone is recruiting it new SOS Aunties to supports SOS
Mothers in identifying and promoting the child’s individual abilities, interests and creative
potentials and supports him/her to reach the adequate level of education according to his/her

The SOS aunty supports the SOS mother to create a family together with the children who grow
up as brothers and sisters in an atmosphere of security and joy.
She supports the SOS mother organise everyday family life in a structured way with the children’s
participation according to their age and abilities.
She builds a stable relationship with each child, supporting his/her feeling of belonging, and
ensures the holistic development and overall well-being of each child in her family.
The SOS Aunty identifies with the organisation’s values, vision, and mission and fulfils the
organisation’s quality standards.
She regularly reflects her own behaviour and practise and leads her professional and personal
You are required to steps in for the Mother during her off days and her annual leave.
The SOS Aunty lives in the Village when the mothers are on leave.
Participate and contribute in creating a secure environment and a welcoming family home in which
relationships are based on mutual respect.
She accepts each child as is and supports the child in coping with his/her life history including
challenges like trauma and loss.
She strengthens the child in his/her own cultural identity and promotes his/her spiritual and moral
The SOS Aunty supports the SOS Mother in strengthening each child’s self-esteem by providing
individual attention and positive feedback.
She delegates responsibility to the child according to his/her maturity and supports the child in
building and maintaining relationships in the community.

SOS National office A Loving Home for Every Child
Hermann Gmeiner Avenue +232-78-355-258
Beach Road, Lumley
P.O Box: +322

Qualifications and Experience
She must have at least West African Examination school certificate
Experience in Child Care and counseling is desired
Strong problem-solving skills
S/he is answerable and under the supervision of the Village Director
st July 2020
DURATION OF CONTRACT: One year with a possibility of an extension based on performance and/or

availability of funding
LOCATION: Freetown
To apply: submit a letter of interest, with Curriculum Vitae, photocopy of certificates, and three
(3) professional references with at least one (1) from a direct supervisor, by email only to Please indicate in the subject line the position, the location and
the subject area desired, for example: “Teacher to teach Chemistry ”.

Closing date for the submission of applications is Friday 29th May, 2020

Only the successful candidates will be contacted.
In accordance with the organisation’s child protection policy, all employment is subject to
applicable background checks, including criminal record checks.
What We Stand For:
SOS Children’s Villages is committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective
environment, which promotes its core values, and prevents and addresses child abuse and
exploitation. We strongly condemn all forms of child abuse and exploitation, be it within or
outside of our organisation, and always respond to any case of proven, alleged or attempted
abuse within our sphere of influence according to its nature. Efforts ensure that mechanisms
are in place to raise awareness, aid prevention, encourage reporting and ease response. They
range from human resource development actions such as training and counselling to
measures such as suspension, dismissal, and legal action.

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